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Disclaimer: By submitting your images, they become the property of Show All History. You authorize Show All History to post your images anonymously. You agree to not hold Show All History liable for using your image without your permission, as your action of submitting will suffice as your permission. These images may appear, anonymously, without compensation in newspapers or in productions, publications, on the Web, or other printed or electronic materials related to the role and function of Show All History. You also authorize that these images are yours and only yours to submit and that you are not infringing on the copyright of another’s image.
  1. Browse your own internet history and select a portion that you believe tells a story about you. Take a neat screenshot (three-four screens maximum) that will be easy for me to place in a post.
  2. Ensure that you blur out all names of individuals who are not public figures, otherwise your selection will not be chosen. (If you wish to blur out the actual names and write “Ex” or “Mom” or a generic identifier so your story makes sense, please feel free to do that.)
  3. Send your screenshot(s) to or upload them below. Only include your age, city/town, and state. Names will not be published. This is entirely anonymous. 
  4. Wait and see if your selection is chosen.

If you prefer to upload anonymously, click here.


  • The most common misconception is that your browsing history is boring. When looking through yours, consider how it might be intriguing to people who don’t know you. 
  • It doesn’t have to be the raunchiest portion of your history. Porn habits are interesting, but they aren’t the only interesting set of sites.
  • The posts that work best are those that the readers have to analyze. If there is a slight puzzle involved (i.e., “Why is he looking up stair tread and Alzheimers?”) you will be more likely to have your submission posted.
  • If it makes you feel more comfortable, send it from whatever old AOL email address that you have. I will not publish names, though, so really–don’t worry.

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